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Trevor Luker - After Hours

After Hours

As much I thoroughly enjoy my day job, it's by no means all that I do. After hours I like to custom-build bikes and deliver technology to make bike touring just that little bit easier and more fun too.

Shown below is a selection of accessories I provide together with some of the bikes that I've built. If you are interested to purchase anything here, have a custom bike built or just want to chat about bike touring in general, please get in touch.

NBT2 - Next Best Thing Mk2

NBT2 - Next Best Thing Mk2

With the NBT2 you can easily remove the lockring and rear cassette on Shimano equipped touring bikes without needing heavy tools. This is the perfect accessory for anyone setting off on a long trip and ideal as a present for the cyclist that 'has everything'.

Curious? Click here for a detailed description of what it is and how it works.

Now available in Australia directly from OddBikes for $27.50 + postage.

Green Bike

Green Bike

Derived from the "European Tourer" below, this is a further refinement aimed at touring Europe and pretty much anywhere else where the roads are not too extreme. Great for a week or two away staying at the guesthouses, B&Bs, vineyards and pubs along the route.
Again, this bike uses quality components including a Surly Long Haul Trucker (LHT) frame, SON dynamo hub and DT-Swiss 370 rear. The only things that remain to be done are upgrade the Shimano SLX front mech for something more robust, add some Tubus racks and leave for the summer.

Prototype USB Charger

Roll your own USB charger...

For those of you that like to build your own gear, the complete schematics & PCB design of the OddBikes V1 charger have been released and are available for download.

Feel free to build your own but note that the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 licence applies.

The charger works with most modern hub-dynamos (SON recommended) to deliver a clean & steady 5V output at up to 1A in accordance with the USB specifications. It connects to your USB device via a standard charging cable and can also readily be used with external batteries such as those from A-Solar and others.

European Tourer

European Tourer

After a relatively short gestation and a painless birth, the European Tourer took it's first steps (turns?) around the canals of Amsterdam today. Based on a Surly Long Haul Trucker (LHT) frame, it is designed to be relaxed and comfortable to ride yet still be quick when needed. The basic styling is inspired by the traditional 'randonneur' feel of bikes from the '70s and '80s brought up to date with modern technologies and components.

Aussie Traveller

Aussie Traveller

Using a 'spare' VSF frame that I had, this bike is probably my favourite all-round touring bike. It was put together to work well carrying loads over the many dirt roads and hills of the Australian Alps.

Rather than the Rohloff hub, this bike is based on a conventional Shimano SLX derailleur so that spares and repairs can be made wherever they may be needed. Care was taken to ensure the gearing had a large enough range to cope with the extremely varied territory and Magura HS33 hydraulic rim brakes were fitted to slow things down.

The wheels are built to be strong and trouble free with DT-Swiss 370 hubs, Mavic rims and Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour tyres.

Light and fast singlie


With its single gear, bullhorn bars and no added fat, this deceptively fast bike is ideal for getting around town or the track quickly and safely. For this reason it's fitted with a freewheel and brakes rather than just a fixed-wheel.

The frame is custom made in light-weight double-butted CrMo steel. One neat feature is the routing of the rear brake cable through the frame top-tube to give it much cleaner lines.

The wheels are hand-built under the expert guidance of Marten from M-Gineering in Kiel Windeweer using simple but strong Novatec hubs, 32-spoke Rigida rims and fitted with Schwalbe Lugano 700cx23 tyres.